Anna Dickerson - Fine Artist


Anna Dickerson grew up in Rome, later going to Bedales School in Hampshire where her passion for painting flourished. Anna went on to study Fine Art at The Glasgow School of Art, Scotland and also at Rhode Island School of Design, America, specialising in Painting. After many productive years at her Acme studio in East London Anna moved in 2012 to Kent and her new studio.

Artist's Statement

I work with figurative imagery with an emphasis on animals and birds, thus returning to a theme established when I began painting as a child. I have always loved the tactile quality of handling paint and pushing the boundaries of what it can do. The way I paint comes about in sympathy with the specific subject, changing incrementally as each series develops.

A common thread to all my work is a preoccupation with how much visual information needs to exist on the canvas for the viewer to subconsciously complete the image. This is particularly evident in my flick paintings where many disparate marks create the impression of a form such as a wolf.

Likewise it is essential to me that my painting should be absorbing from a distance and yet up close retain a surface tension which is engaging. The treatment and energy of the surface is for me very important in capturing something beyond a moment in time.

My residency at the London Zoo marked a return to painting ‘traditionally’ with oil on canvas using brushes. Central to becoming familiar with the animals as individuals I made many drawings on site - focusing in the main on the gorillas, pelicans and rhinos.

Subsequently I began drawing geese and ducks in Tuscany, working in oil pastels and graphite. These drawings, like those at the Zoo, are condensed into a still, documenting a passage of time. Oil pastels for me are akin to painting and bridge the gap between formal painting and drawing. Returning to London I embarked upon acrylic paintings of the ducks of Clapham, gravitating towards a new darker palette. These wildfowl paintings are painted with immediacy and are constantly changing during the painting process. A notion mutates and transforms to finally settle as a defined and pared down image. In time I will bring all the techniques in to play together, working on a larger scale.

The intensity of London during the 2012 Olympics set me off on an impulse drawing London Cityscapes. The bizarre juxtapositions of buildings modern and old, all jostling for space, create panoramas in which small stories evolve. Drawing from life provides an immediacy and an urgency to my work practise, affording me also some time to reflect upon the direction of my studio based work. I continue to draw cityscapes and I am venturing out in Kent where I now live.